Theres Something About Zoey

Zoey Jones' voice will sweet sing you into a beautiful world of peace and sensuality. Her gentle & feminine voice combined with her cool chords and and chilled beats, is all you need to lighten up any day and drift you away straight to that Bali beach club or intimate setting, making you feel soothed, relaxed, uplifted and connected.

British born, Zoey Jones has gained a world citizenship travelling across all corners of the globe with her music and performance, performing at top world wide renowned venues, festivals and events.

After graduating from stage school with a full scholarship, Zoeys first taste to the world of stardom and Pop music was reaching the finals of the first ever Pop idol completion back in 2001. She was then snapped up by many DJs and producers and she the started writing and realising music to the world. With her first tastes being in commercial and dance music, Zoey, whilst reading in Portugal, then found a passion fro Jazz music. She then wrote her first album "Don't Think' and performed her debut at the renowned music festival Rock In Rio, in the same line up and on the same days bill as Elton John, DeadMau5e and Leona Lewis. Zoey then. Zoey features on the Rock in Rio album for 2010 alongside artists, Maria Rita, Julie Mcnight, Incognito.

Following this, Zoey was invited for some collaborations and started working with artists inc Rui da Silva. They released songs "Calling You" and "A Thousand Miles" and also released a Jazz Bossa covers album which the song "Touch Me" got licensed to Cafe Del Mar's lastest album (Vol 26).  On this album Zoey Jones features alongside other artists inc Zero 7, Blank and Jones etc.


Listen to Zoey’s soulful sounds here on Spotify. 


Zoeys music is perfectly crafted for chilled out, lounge, deep house vibes. Bringing in her love song lyrics, smooth vocals and hypnotics harmonies teamed up with the coolest grooves and dreamy sounds. She tells her stories through song, focusing on her unique experiences from her journeys and love. Her lyrics touch our souls and warm our hearts.

Now based in Bali, Zoey’s music and style suits the islands musical beach bar vibe perfectly to a T.

With her recent hits "JUST LET ME' (being playlisted by FTV, Tensnake, Florito, Ibiza Chill House to name a few) and her most recent hit, a Rui Da Silva of "TOUCH ME" Bossa Nova cover, which has just been licensed to the latest CAFE DEL MAR album (Vol. 26). Zoeys Spotify monthly listeners sky rocketed to 50k in the month of November 2020. The highest she has been so far.   

Creative sounds, romantic lyrics, stories of love and intimate, alluring magic pretty much sums up the vibes of Zoeys music.

Perfectly suited to Balis beach club vibes, intimate concerts or simply relaxing at home with your partner and a glass of wine.

Zoeys performances in song have covered many corners of the globe. Her name is closely linked to events and brands such as.. MTV, Cafe Del Mar, FTV, Rock in Rio, F1 Singapore Grand Prix, Singapore International Jazz Festival, Singapore Yacht Show, Royal Albert Hall, Bentley, Chanel, Hermes, Max Mara, Ritz

and more..

As well as singing and songwriting, Zoeys DJ career has spun her around the globes hotspots and got her gigs at some of the most glamorous of clubs, fashion bars, beach clubs and pool parties inc SE Asia, Hong Kong, Portugal and UK, holding residencies and gigs at MTV boat party, Zuma, Aqua, Armani Prive, Selfridges and Art Basel, Dead Rabbit, Dream beach club, Muse, Dirty Martini, WWA Wake Boarding Championships and more. She has sung at some the biggest music festivals inc Rock In Rio (PT) and Singapore International Jazz Festival & Sing F1 grand prix and many high fashion events etc. As well as music Zoey has featured in some hollywood movies inc a canoe role in Now You See me 2 and training as an amazonian warrior fro movies Wonder Woman and Justice League.

To learn more about Zoey, her releases and journey, please follow her on her socials and Spotify page..

Stay well and stay safe 


"Zoey has a voice I could listen to all day..."

                                                             - Randy Jackson (Jackson 5)