Theres Something About Zoey

Zoey Jones can sweet sing you into a beautiful mood. Her sensual & feminine music is what you need to listen to this year to feel energised, happy and connected. Originally from the UK, the singer & songwriter has traveled across the globe performing with top artists & DJ’s in some of the most famous festivals and shows.


Listen to Zoey’s soulful sounds here on Spotify. 


Zoeys music is perfect for chilled out, summer lounge house vibes. She draws on her unique experiences from love & adventure to create lyrics that touch our souls and warm our hearts. Zoey’s songs are the perfect mixture of Bali beach vibes and relaxing at home with a soothing class of wine. Creative energy, serene peace and alluring magic are some of the feels you’ll find within Zoeys music. 



MTV Portugal 

Rock in Rio 

F1 Singapore Grand Prix

Singapore International Jazz Festival

World Wake Boarding Championship 

Royal Albert Hall




Cafe Del Mar

"Zoey has a voice I could listen to all day..."

                                                             - Randy Jackson (Jackson 5)

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