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Artist Development /Branding

The world revolves around social media . If people don't find you interesting to follow, they won't be interested to check out your music. Its as simple as that! Every product, business, artist needs a branding and a clear message in order to be successful. Many musicians don't realise the importance to have a strong branding. This means knowing your message, colour theme, favourite quotes etc. The online world is forever evolving and its our duty to stay on top!

What you will learn

Social Media

The importance of social media. Finding the platform that suits you! IG is usually the best one for musicians. Know how to create enough contact for regular weekly posts to keep your and engaged .

Growing your audience!

We will go through stratagies on how to grow your audience. Those who love you for you. We will work on finding your authentic self and finding your clear message that we will then share with the world to lure our people in!

Spotify Playlists

This is a crucial part of being a modern musician. We need to get those Spotify playlist placements! With this our musical world and audience expands so greatly! We will cover tips and tricks on how to get on the RIGHT playlists for you..

Course Price

USD 450 (6 weeks- 1 sessions per week)


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