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Songwriting & Music Production Study

You have a story to tell, you know deep down that you and amazing artist but you need help with where to start on expressing. Your having issues with rhyming, or phrasing, or finding the perfect melody.. 

Or perhaps you don't play an instrument but you have music exploding from you within, you are considering learning how to produce music on a DAW. Garage band for beginners or LOGIG Pro X are the best ways of producing music and getting your ideas down. Logic Pro X is used by the majority of heavy weight producers in the industry.

Subjects Covered


We will focus on the theme, the message and the story. The connection between the melody, music and the lyrics/ story. We will work on rhyming, catchy hooks, what draws an audience in and other tips for creating a hit song.

Music Production

We cover the basics and fundamentals of using a DAW - Digital Work Station. One mastered its an amazing way to quickly record or write your musical ideas down and create the perfect sound to your perfect song!

For More info Please contact Zoey directly via her email

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