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Singing Coaching With Zoey

Every aspiring new singer wants to hit those squeaky clean notes like Mariah, scatt like Ella, or sooth with their tone like H.E.R.. What ever your aim, goal, dream or desire, whether you are a beginner or perfecting your already amazing skills, keeping on top of your regular training and practise is crucial.

However, classes don't need to be boring, we need to understand the fundamentals of singing and practice consistent, good technique and then the rest will flow and grow magically and automatically to suit whatever singing persona you hold within your soul..

What We Will Cover

The Basics

Every true artist needs to know how to control their body/ instrument in order to create their desired and natural sound. Also for the health of the voice, the basics knowledge of technique, posture and use of diaphragm are vital too put into practice every time we sing.. We will cover the importance of breathing, stance, tuning, warms ups, Drilling (lots of funny sound making and pulling faces!) etc

Stretching And Developing Your Voice

Scales Scales Scales.. There are so many different exercise that we will cover, that when practiced often enough will stretch and strengthen your voice. The voice needs to be in tune so these exercises also perfect that..

Song Study

This is the fun, creative part of singing training. We will focus on your favourite songs and perfect them! We will also experiment with different songs, styles, rhythms, phrasing and genres to push and develop your skills.

Voice Health And Anatomy

To keep our voice in tip top shape we need to take care of it and understand what and what not we can do in order to keep our voice and larynx healthy. This include the right foods/ drinks, good rest, lots of liquids and so on.. General health is extremely important to have a healthy voice!

Enquire today now and get 20% of your first payment

$65 -per lesson
$400 - 5 class package
$600 - 10 class package


For more info on singing coaching with Zoey, please email her directly at:

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