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Artist Coaching Academy

Dreams should never be given up on.. 

To Follow The Footsteps Of Zoey, It Takes Skill And Determination..

Private coaching with Zoey will put you in the fast lane to help you achieve and succeed in your music. Learn from the lady herself on how to win, follow your dreams with success and get to the top!:)


Classes are held privately via Zoom (and group upon request), and are tailor made to suit the student depending on the level and struggles the student faces. Classes inc, breathing techniques, scales, warm ups, song practice, phrasing and feeling, genre study, vocal health and songwriting.

The artist development program is for inter/advanced students only, who wish to put their original music and presence out to the world. This course focuses on understanding the importance of branding and growing the artists audience on social and via Spotify playlists.

Singing, Songwriting & Music production classes are held by the hour. It is advised to buy a package as this then includes as discounted rate and also gives time to set and achieve goals.

Hourly price - USD 65

Package of 5 classes - USD 300

Package of 10 classes - USD 600

Artist Development/ Branding Course is at a set duration of 6 classes for the total price of USD 450. 

This course is guarenteed results as Zoey will personally guide the artists step by step on the process that brought her to success. Pls Note. If artist is serious about succeeding, the quality of music, mixing and mastering etc must be of industry standard in order to be placed on Spotify playlists and to be played on radios..

Please enquire within for more details!:)

Coaching/ Course Options


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